Functional limitations

As a secure environment, there are some functional limitations related to implementing NIST 800-131A compliance for Lenovo Flex System components. These limitations are not in the Lenovo Flex System. Instead, these limitations are related to communications between the Lenovo Flex System components and the back end infrastructure required to support the functions.

Note: These limitations do not apply to devices that are managed by the Lenovo XClarity Administrator.
  • The ability to automatically notify Support when events occur (sometimes referred to as Call Home) is not supported.
    • From the IBM Flex System Manager, this function is called Electronic Service Agent.
    • From the CMM, this function is called Enable Support.
  • You cannot update firmware directly through an IBM Flex System Manager connected to the Internet. Instead, you must download the updates from the IBM Pure Centre Website, copy the updates to the IBM Flex System Manager, and then update devices in the chassis.
    For more information about updating Lenovo Flex System components, see the appropriate Flex System Firmware Updates Best Practices Guide.
    Tip: Follow the procedures in the best practices guide for updating firmware from an IBM Flex System Manager that is not connected to the Internet or for updating firmware when an IBM Flex System Manager is not installed.

In addition, see Supported devices for functional limitations related to each of the devices in the Lenovo Flex System product family.