When using the Chassis Management Module (CMM)

Follow these steps to enable a chassis to support NIST 800-131A mode from the Chassis Management Module when you are using the CMM to manage a chassis.

Take the following considerations into account when configuring Lenovo Flex System components to support NIST 800-131A:
  • Configuring the Chassis Management Module (CMM). You can configure the CMM to support through the Web interface or through the CLI:
    Note: When you configure the CMM to use NIST SP 800-131A mode, all compute nodes will operate in the same mode.
  • Configuring I/O modules. Not all I/O modules support NIST 800-131A. See the documentation provided with the I/O module to determine the steps required to configure the module to support the NIST 800-131A standard. You can find documentation for all I/O modules at the following location:

    Lenovo Flex System network switches