Connecting to the CMM

Use these instructions to connect a client computer to the CMM as a remote console to perform configuration of the Flex System chassis.

Note: By default, the CMM does not have a fixed static IPv6 IP address. For initial access to the CMM in an IPv6 environment, you can either use the IPv4 IP address or the IPv6 link-local address. See IPv6 addressing for initial connection for information about how to determine the IPv6 address to use for initial CMM access.

The CMM has the following default settings:

By default, the CMM is configured to respond to DHCP first before it uses its static IP address.

The client computer that you connect to the CMM must be configured to operate on the same subnet as the CMM. The IP address of the CMM must also be in the same local domain as the client computer. To connect to the CMM for the first time, you might have to change the Internet Protocol properties on the client computer.

There are two built-in interfaces that you can use to connect to the CMM for the first time: the web interface and the CLI. If you are connecting to the CMM through an Ethernet connection, you can open a web browser and use the web interface, or you can use Telnet to connect to the CMM and use the CLI to configure the CMM. If you are connecting through a serial connection, you can use a terminal emulator to access the CLI.

Note: If your web browser advises you that a connection is untrusted or a security certificate is invalid, you might be able to correct the condition by removing and re-importing security certificates in your web browser or by switching to a different web browser. See External authentication of certificates and the documentation for your web browser for more information.
  • If you are unable to connect to your CMM from all user accounts because you have forgotten the account IDs and passwords, you must restore the CMM to the manufacturing default configuration (see Restoring the CMM manufacturing default configuration for information).
  • If you are unable to connect to the CMM from a single user account because it has been locked, you can unlock it using the users -unlock -n user_name command (where user_name is the user account ID). See users command for information about command use.