Updating the CMM firmware

Use this information to update the CMM to the latest release.

Attention: Installing the wrong firmware update might cause the CMM to malfunction. Before you install a firmware update, read any readme and change history files that are provided with the downloaded update. These files contain important information about the update and the procedure for installing the update, including any special procedure for updating from an early firmware version to the latest version.
Important: Some Lenovo Flex System solutions require specific code levels or coordinated code updates. If the CMM is part of one of these solutions, verify that the level of code is supported for the solution before you update the code.
Note: For additional information about updating firmware for Lenovo Flex System, see Flex System Firmware Update Guides (you might need to register to access this content).

If your Flex System chassis is configured for redundant operation and a second CMM is installed, both will have the same level of firmware after the primary CMM updates the standby CMM after it is installed. The latest level of CMM firmware is available at Lenovo Datacenter Support site.

You can update the CMM firmware in two ways:

If the CMM is not responsive over a network connection and you are unable to repair the problem, you might need to connect to the CMM directly (see Resolving CMM connection problems) or restore it to its default manufacturing configuration (see Restoring the CMM manufacturing default configuration) to establish a connection for updating firmware.