Restoring a CMM configuration

You can restore a saved CMM configuration through the CMM web interface.

  • When you restore a saved CMM configuration, all current configuration settings are erased. Be sure to save your current configuration before you restore, if you intend to use the current settings.
  • Some restore operations might cause you to lose web connectivity. When this occurs the final confirmation popup and log events might not be available. If web connectivity is lost, clear the browser cache and restart the web session.

Use the following instructions to restore a saved configuration file to the CMM, through the CMM web interface.

Note: When the CMM is set to Secure security mode, only the secure file transfer methods HTTPS and SFTP can be used for firmware updates and other tasks involving file transfers, such as transferring a backup configuration file to restore a configuration. The unsecure file transfer protocols HTTP, FTP, and TFTP are disabled when security is set to the Secure mode.

Following are the restore scenarios: