Configuring a storage node

When a storage node is installed in the chassis you can initialize it from the CMM web interface.

When a storage node such as the Flex System V7000 Storage Node is first installed in a Flex System chassis, the CMM will automatically recognize it, but you must complete some configuration manually. You can configure the storage node through the CMM web interface, the Lenovo XClarity Administrator, or the Flex System Manager management software.

Note: If you are using the CMM to setup your storage, make sure that the chassis is being managed by the CMM and not the Lenovo XClarity Administrator or the Flex System Manager.

Verify that you are using a supported CMM for the storage node from the Lenovo Datacenter Support site.

Use the following instructions to initialize the storage node through the CMM web interface:

  1. Log in to the CMM; then, navigate to the chassis map on the System Status page.
  2. Find the storage control enclosure to be used to initialize the storage system on the map; then, click the left storage enclosure canister. If you have installed more than one storage enclosure canister, you can select either one. You cannot initialize the storage system on a storage expansion enclosure.
  3. From Actions for Canister [node nn], select Launch Storage Node Controller Console to launch a web browser for the storage node startup screen. The Service IP address that displays is one that has been allocated by your DHCP server. If the Service IP address is in the range between and, the canister did not obtain a DHCP address.
  4. When prompted to answer the question, Do you want to create a new system or add to an existing system?, select Create a new system; then, click Next.
  5. Select the option to use either an IPv4 or IPv6 management IP address; then, enter the address, subnet mask, and gateway.
  6. Click Finish to set the management IP address for the system. The system initialization will begin and might take several minutes to complete.
  7. After the system initialization is complete, the setup wizard will be launched. The setup wizard will help you through the configuration steps for basic system settings such as time and date, system name, and hardware detection and verification.
  8. Log in to the storage node.
  9. Review the software license agreement. You must accept the agreement before you can continue.
  10. Enter the system name and a new superuser password.

From this point you have the option to use the setup wizard to configure more settings such as notifications and storage configuration. If you are not ready to complete more configuration steps, go to configuration tasks in the management user interface to complete the configuration at a later time.

It is recommended that you upgrade to the most current level of software after installing the storage node. Refer to the Lenovo Datacenter Support site for the latest information about software upgrades.

For more information about configuring your storage node, see Using the Chassis Management Module to set up your system in the Flex System V7000 Storage Node Installation Guide.