Use the Chassis Management Module 2 web interface to perform chassis management functions within a web browser.

The CMM web interface communicates with the management program to execute chassis management tasks. You can use perform the following tasks and more:


The Lenovo Chassis Management Module 2 supports multiple Flex System chassis types. The CMM automatically detects the chassis type where it is installed. The CMM firmware adjusts the features it supports and options it displays based on its operating environment.

You can also perform management functions through the CMM SNMP management interface and the command-line interface (CLI). See Using the Lenovo Chassis Management Module 2 CLI for more information.

Compatible browsers are listed on the initial login screen of the CMM web interface.

The most recent versions of all Lenovo Flex System documentation are available from Lenovo Flex system information center.

Note: Do not store any sensitive information in the CMM web server directory or subdirectories. Data in the directories is accessible to unauthenticated users.