Starting the web interface

Start the CMM web interface to monitor and configure components in the chassis.

You can access the CMM web interface through an Ethernet connection by establishing a session with the URL of the CMM. If you are connecting to the CMM for the first time, you might have to change the Internet protocol properties on the client computer. See Connecting to the CMM for more information.

To log in to the CMM web interface, complete the following steps:

  1. Point your browser to the CMM web interface URL that your system administrator defined during initial configuration.
  2. Type your CMM user ID and password (assigned by a system administrator). The password is case sensitive. The user ID is not case sensitive. The default CMM user name is USERID, and the default password is PASSW0RD (note the number zero, not the letter O, in PASSW0RD).
  3. Click Log In.
Note: The available password options depend on the password options that are configured for the Flex System chassis.