Cabling the CMM

You can cable the CMM to support a management connection that best matches your site configuration.

You must connect a client system to the CMM to configure and manage operation of a Flex System chassis. The CMM supports Ethernet (local or remote) and serial management connections.

You can manage a Flex System chassis by using the CMM command-line interface that you access through Telnet or through the serial-management connector. You can also use the CMM web interface, which you access through the remote management and console (Ethernet) connector, to manage Flex System chassis devices. Use an SOL session through the CMM command-line interface, to access the operating system text console of a compute node or the system-management processor of compute nodes that have a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).

To access the CMM management interfaces, you need the following equipment and information:

The following topics describe how to cable to the CMM to configure and manage a Flex System chassis.