Telnet connection

You can connect to the CMM CLI through a Telnet session.

Note: The Telnet connection is not available when the CMM security policy is set to Secure (the manufacturing default setting).
After you connect an Ethernet cable from the client computer to the CMM (direct connection or through a network), complete the following steps:
  1. Make sure that the subnet of the client computer is set to the same value as the CMM (default CMM subnet is The IP address of the CMM must also be in the same local domain as the client computer. To connect to the CMM for the first time, you might have to change the Internet Protocol properties on the client computer.
  2. From a command prompt on the client computer, type telnet ip_address (where ip_address is the CMM IP address), and press Enter.
    For the first connection to the CMM, use the default IP address of the CMM; if a new IP address has been assigned to the CMM, use that one instead.
    Note: The manufacturing default static IPv4 IP address is, the default IPv4 subnet address is, and the default host name is MMxxxxxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the burned-in MAC address. The MAC address is on a label on the CMM, below the reset button (see CMM controls and indicators for the location of the reset button). See IPv6 addressing for initial connection for information about determining IPv6 addressing for initial connection.
  3. At the login prompt, type the CMM user ID. At the password prompt, type the CMM password.
    • The same user ID and password are used for all methods of connecting to the CMM. The password is case sensitive. The user ID is not case sensitive.
    • The default CMM user name is USERID, and the default password is PASSW0RD (note the number zero, not the letter O, in PASSW0RD).
    The CLI command prompt is displayed. You can now enter commands for the CMM.
  4. If you are connecting to the CMM for the first time, perform the initial configuration of the Flex System chassis (see Configuring the CMM for information).