dhcpinfo command errors

This topic lists errors for the dhcpinfo command.

See Common errors for a list of error messages that apply to all commands. See dhcpinfo command for information about command syntax and examples of command use.

Table 1. dhcpinfo command errors.

The error table is a multi-row, two-column table where each row describes a CMM CLI command error: column one lists the error reported by the command-line interface and column two describes what the error means.

Error message Definition
Advanced failover must be enabled before viewing the standby MM's DHCPv6 config. A user tries to view the configuration of the standby CMM when advanced failover is disabled.
DHCP is disabled The DHCP assigned configuration can not be retrieved because DHCP is disabled.
DHCPv6 information is not available. DHCPv6 is enabled, but the command target is not receiving any DHCPv6 settings.
DHCPv6 is disabled The DHCPv6 assigned configuration can not be retrieved because DHCPv6 is disabled.
Error reading network configuration An error occurs while the CMM is reading the network configuration.
IPv6 is disabled The DHCPv6 assigned config can not be retrieved because IPv6 is disabled.
This management network interface is not installed. A user issues the dhcpinfo command to a compute node that does not support a management network interface.
Unknown interface A user tries to direct a command to an invalid network interface.