sdemail command

This command sends an email with the service information to the specified recipients.

If command syntax is not correctly entered, or if a command fails to run, an error message is returned. See Common errors for a list of error messages that apply to all commands or sdemail command errors for a list of error messages that are specific to the sdemail command.

Table 1. sdemail command.

The command table is a multi-row, four-column table where each row describes a CMM CLI command option: column one lists command function, column two provides a detailed command description, column three shows command-option syntax, and column four lists valid command targets.

Function What it does Command Target (see paths in Command targets)
Send service information using email to specified recipients Send an email with service information to the specified recipients. You assign a subject and an email address. When you run this command, it attaches the service log to the message. sdemail -subj "subject"-to address
  • "subject" is a quote-delimited text string up to 119 characters in length.
  • address is the recipients email address. Multiple addresses separated with a comma can be entered (119 characters maximum).
This command can only be run by users who have one or more of the following command authorities:
  • Supervisor
  • Chassis account management
  • Chassis log management
  • Chassis administration
  • Chassis configuration
  • Blade administration
  • Blade configuration
  • Blade remote presence
  • I/O module administration
  • I/O module configuration
See Commands and user authority for additional information.
Primary CMM:
  • mm[p]
  • mm[P]
  • mm[x]
  • where x is the primary CMM bay number.


To send a service information email message, while the Lenovo Flex System chassis is set as the persistent command environment, at the system> prompt, type
sdemail -T mm[p] -to -subj "Blade 8 Reboot" 

The following example shows the information that is returned from this command:

system> sdemail -T mm[p] -to -subj "Blade 8 Reboot"