fod command

This command displays licensing information for optional Lenovo Flex SystemCMM and I/O module Features on Demand features.

You can purchase activation keys to activate the Features on Demand features for your CMM and I/O modules, if your I/O modules support these features. For information about Features on Demand, see the Lenovo Features on Demand website.

Note: The CMM fod command does not support activation of Features on Demand features for compute nodes. If an optional management device, such as the Lenovo XClarity Administrator or Flex System Manager management server, is installed in the Lenovo Flex System chassis, you can activate the Features on Demand features for compute node firmware using the management device program. Depending on your compute node type, other methods are available for activating Features on Demand features for compute nodes. See the documentation for your compute node for information.

If command syntax is not correctly entered, or if a command fails to run, an error message is returned. See Common errors for a list of error messages that apply to all commands or fod command errors for a list of error messages that are specific to the fod command.

Table 1. fod command.

The command table is a multi-row, four-column table where each row describes a CMM CLI command option: column one lists command function, column two provides a detailed command description, column three shows command-option syntax, and column four lists valid command targets.

Function What it does Command Target (see paths in Command targets)
Display feature licenses Displays a list of optional Features on Demand licenses for the specified command target.
Note: The license expiration dates and times are in GMT.
Primary CMM:
  • mm[p]
  • mm[P]
  • mm[x]
  • where x is the primary CMM bay number.
I/O module:
  • switch[x]
  • where x is the I/O-bay number.
Example: To view the feature license information for the primary CMM in bay 1, while the Lenovo Flex System chassis is set as the persistent command environment, at the system> prompt, type
fod -T mm[p]

The following example shows the information that is returned from this command:

system> fod -T mm[p]
Flex System Manager License
    Index: 2
    Status: Validate Elsewhere
    Size: 428 bytes
    System: Flex System Manager
    Identifier: MTSN 872123DVG73
    Feature: Flex System Manager License
    Feature Type: 000b
    Activation Expiration: Thu Sep 10 05:29:59 2015
    Validation: SHA-1 RSA 2048