exit command

This command exits the command-line interface, terminating the current session.

If command syntax is not correctly entered, or if a command fails to run, an error message is returned. See Common errors for a list of error messages that apply to all commands or exit command errors for a list of error messages that are specific to the exit command.

Table 1. exit command.

The command table is a multi-row, four-column table where each row describes a CMM CLI command option: column one lists command function, column two provides a detailed command description, column three shows command-option syntax, and column four lists valid command targets.

Function What it does Command Target (see paths in Command targets)
Exit CLI session Terminates the current command-line interface session. exit
Note: You can also use the Ctrl-D key combination to end the current session and exit the command-line interface.
Any installed device.
Example: To terminate the current command-line interface session, type