Setting up your Flex System Enterprise Chassis

Follow the instructions in this section to set up the Flex System Enterprise Chassis hardware.

Before you begin, make the following preparations:
To set up the chassis hardware, complete the following tasks:
  1. Remove the components from the chassis to decrease the weight so that it can be safely installed in the rack (see Removing components). You can also remove the chassis shelves to further reduce the weight. You do not have to remove the two fan logic modules in the rear of the chassis.
  2. Install the chassis in a rack (see Installing the chassis in a rack).
  3. Reinstall all of the components that you removed (see Installing components).
  4. Cable the components in the chassis to the applicable external devices (see Cabling the chassis).
  5. Connect the chassis to power (see Connecting the chassis to power).
Note: The Flex System Enterprise Chassis does not have a power switch. To turn off chassis power, see Disconnecting the chassis from power.