Removing a chassis shelf

Use these instructions to remove a 1-bay shelf from the Flex System Enterprise Chassis.

Before you remove a chassis shelf, complete the following steps:
  1. Read Safety and Installation guidelines
  2. Shut down the operating systems and turn off any compute node in the bays in which the shelf is installed. See the documentation that comes with compute node for detailed instructions.
  3. Shut down the management node, if one is installed in the bays in which the shelf is installed.

    See the Flex System Manager Installation and Service Guide for instructions.

  4. Remove any compute nodes (or fillers) from the bays in which the shelf is installed. Open the compute node handle and slide the compute node out of the chassis.
    Note: Make a note of the bay numbers from which you removed the compute nodes. Reinstalling a compute node into a different bay from the one from which it was removed can have unintended consequences. Some configuration information and update options are established according to bay number.

To remove a shelf from the chassis, complete the following steps.

Graphic illustrating the removal of a shelf from the chassis

  1. Grasp the blue touch points on the shelf and slide both touch points inward toward each other.
  2. Slide the shelf out of the chassis and save it for future use.