Using the Boot Selection Menu program

The Boot Selection Menu program is a built-in, menu-driven configuration utility program that you can use to temporarily redefine the first startup device for the upper or lower compute node without changing settings in the Setup utility.

To use the Boot Selection Menu program, complete the following steps.

  1. Connect a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to the console breakout cable, and connect the console breakout cable to the upper or lower compute node.
    • The KVM connectors on the upper and lower compute nodes are rotated 180-degrees from each other. Make sure that the connector on the console breakout cable is correctly oriented before connecting it.
    • Use only the console breakout cable that comes with the compute node. Attempting to connect other console breakout cable types might damage the console breakout cable and the compute node.
  2. Turn on the upper or lower compute node (see Turning on a compute node).
  3. Press F12 (Select Boot Device). If a bootable USB mass storage device is installed, a submenu item (USB Key/Disk) is displayed.
  4. Use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to select an item from the Boot Selection Menu and press Enter.

The next time the upper or lower compute node that has had its first startup device redefined starts, it returns to the startup sequence that is set in the Setup utility.