Running DSA Preboot

Use this information to run DSA Preboot.

To run the DSA Preboot diagnostic programs, complete the following steps:
  1. If the compute node is turned on, turn off the compute node (see Turning off a compute node).
    • The KVM connectors on the upper and lower compute nodes are rotated 180-degrees from each other. Make sure that the connector on the console breakout cable is correctly oriented before connecting it.
    • Use only the console breakout cable that comes with the compute node. Attempting to connect other console breakout cable types might damage the console breakout cable and the compute node.
  2. If necessary, connect a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to the console breakout cable and connect the console breakout cable to the compute node.
  3. Turn on the compute node (see Turning on a compute node).
  4. When the prompt <F2> Diagnostics is displayed, press F2.
  5. Select Quit from the actions available on the Memory Test screen. You must exit the Memory Test screen before you can restart the compute node and start DSA.
    Note: After you exit the Memory Test screen, you must restart the compute node to access the stand-alone memory diagnostic environment again.
  6. Enter gui to start the DSA graphical user interface, or select cmd to display the DSA interactive menu.
  7. From the diagnostic programs screen, select the test that you want to run, and follow the instructions on the screen. For additional information, see the Dynamic System Analysis Installation and User's Guide, which is available at the Lenovo Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) website.

Help for DSA is available. For help about the DSA CLI, enter help in the command line. For help about the DSA user interface, press F1. Pressing F1 within a help panel displays additional online documentation.