Removing a DIMM

Use this information to remove a dual inline memory module (DIMM). The upper and lower compute nodes each have their own dedicated DIMMs.

Before you remove a DIMM, complete the following steps:
  1. Read Safety and Installation guidelines.
  2. If the Flex System x222 Compute Node is installed in a chassis, remove it (see Removing a compute node from a chassis for instructions).
  3. Carefully lay the compute node on a flat, static-protective surface, orienting the compute node with the bezel pointing toward the left.
After you install or remove a DIMM in the upper or lower compute node, you must change and save the new configuration information for that compute node by using the Setup utility. When you turn on the compute node where DIMMs have been installed or removed, a message indicates that the memory configuration has changed. Start the Setup utility and select Save Settings (see Using the Setup utility for more information) to save changes.

To remove a DIMM, complete the following steps.

Graphic illustrating the removal/install of DIMMs in a compute node

  1. Remove the upper compute node (see Removing the upper compute node).
  2. Locate the DIMM connectors (see System-board connectors). Determine which DIMM you want to remove from the compute node.
    Attention: To avoid breaking the retaining clips or damaging the DIMM connectors, handle the clips gently.

    The following illustration shows the DIMM connectors, in the lower compute node.

    Graphic illustrating the lower system-board connectors

    The following illustration shows the DIMM connectors, in the upper compute node.

    Graphic illustrating the upper system board connectors
  3. Make sure that both retaining clips on the DIMM connector from which you are removing the DIMM are in the open position.
  4. Pull the DIMM out of the connector.
    Attention: To maintain proper system cooling, do not operate the compute node without DIMMs or DIMM fillers installed in the DIMM connectors.

If you are instructed to return the DIMM, follow all packaging instructions, and use any packaging materials for shipping that are supplied to you.