Removing a CMOS battery

Use this information to remove a CMOS battery. The upper compute node and lower compute node each has its own CMOS battery.

Before you remove a CMOS battery, complete the following steps:
  1. Read Safety and Installation guidelines.
  2. If the Flex System x222 Compute Node is installed in a chassis, remove it (see Removing a compute node from a chassis for instructions).
  3. Carefully lay the compute node on a flat, static-protective surface, orienting the compute node with the bezel pointing toward the left.

To remove a CMOS battery, complete the following steps:

  1. Remove the upper compute node (see Removing the upper compute node).
  2. Locate the CMOS battery on the upper or lower system board (see System-board connectors).
  3. If a cover is over the CMOS battery, remove the cover.
  4. Pivot the CMOS battery toward the middle of the compute node.

    Graphic illustrating pressing on the CMOS battery clip
  5. Lift the CMOS battery from the socket.
After you remove a CMOS battery, dispose of the CMOS battery as required by local ordinances or regulations.