Light path diagnostics LEDs

Use this information to diagnose possible errors that are indicated by the light path diagnostics LEDs.

The following table describes the LEDs on the light path diagnostics panel and the light path diagnostics LEDs on each system board. See Viewing the light path diagnostics LEDs for information about viewing the condition of the LEDs.

Table 1. Light path diagnostics LEDs
Lit light path diagnostics LED Description
None The compute node is not sufficiently charged to display the LEDs on the system board.
Battery error The system CMOS battery is not installed or is not working.
BMC error Future use.
DC power error Future use.
DIMM x error A memory error occurred.
I/O expansion adapter

(upper compute node only)

An error has occurred with the I/O expansion adapter installed in the lower compute node.
I/O expansion unit Future use.
Light path diagnostics The power source for the light path diagnostics LEDs is charged.
Light path diagnostics only No errors have occurred.
Memory A memory error has occurred.
Microprocessor x error The IMM2 lights this LED when a microprocessor has failed or overheated or the start microprocessor (CPU 1) is missing. The fault LED on the front panel is also lit.
Mismatch The microprocessors are mismatched. If the Memory LED is also lit, the DIMMs are mismatched.
NMI The system board has failed.
SAS/SATA backplane error A hard disk drive backplane error has occurred.
System board The system board has failed.
Temperature The system temperature has exceeded a threshold level.