Installing the LAN over USB Linux device driver

Versions of Linux since RHEL5 Update 3 and SLES10 Service Pack 2 support the LAN over USB interface by default. This interface is detected and displayed during the installation of these operating systems.

See Table 1 for information about the IP addresses.

Note: Older Linux distributions might not detect the LAN over USB interface, and might require manual configuration. For information about configuring LAN over USB on specific Linux distributions, see Introducing UEFI-Compliant Firmware on Lenovo System x and BladeCenter Servers.
The IMM2 LAN over USB interface requires that the usbnet and cdc_ether device drivers be loaded. If the drivers have not been installed, use modprobe to install them. When these drivers are installed, the IMM2 USB network interface is shown as a network device in the operating system. To discover the name that the operating system has assigned to the IMM2 USB network interface, type:
dmesg | grep -i cdc ether