Features on Demand

This topic provides information about Features on Demand.

Features on Demand provides optional software that is available for the compute node and other Flex System resources. Features on Demand provides a convenient way for you to activate optional software through the Flex System Manager management software (if installed), the IMM2 interface, or the CMM web interface. Any Features on Demand software that you ordered with your compute node is preactivated and does not require manual activation.

If you did not order Features on Demand software when you ordered the compute node, you can purchase Features on Demand software as you would any other optional software or hardware. Instructions for obtaining an activation key are provided with your purchase of a Features on Demand authorization code.

For information about Features on Demand, see the Lenovo Features on Demand website.

  1. If the compute node is configured in the Setup utility to boot in Legacy mode, you must leave UEFI option ROM initialization enabled for devices for which Features on Demand feature keys are installed.
  2. After you install an activation key for the first time, you might have to restart the compute node for the Features on Demand software to become active. See the documentation that comes with the software for specific activation instructions.
  3. Make sure that the UEFI code, IMM2 firmware, and all other firmware in the compute node is at a level that supports the Features on Demand software.