Configuring a RAID array

Use this information to configure a RAID array.

The procedures below describe how to configure a RAID array on your compute node. RAID level-0 (striping) can be configured on a compute node with a single hard disk drive installed. A minimum of two disk drives must be installed to implement and manage RAID level-1 (mirror) arrays in operating systems that are listed on the ServerProven® list at the Lenovo ServerProven website. Each drive must have the same type of interface and speed and if drives of differing capacity are used, the controller will treat them all as if they have the capacity of the smallest drive.

All models come with an integrated IBM ServeRAID C105 controller. If you selected a model that includes the IBM ServeRAID M1135 controller expansion card, when this card is installed, intergrated ServeRAID C105 controller is disabled.

  1. To configure a software RAID array using the integrated IBM ServeRAID C105 controller, go to Creating an array using the integrated ServeRAID C105 controller
  2. To configure the optional IBM ServeRAID H1135 controller, go to Creating an array using the optional ServeRAID H1135 controller
  3. To configure another optional ServeRAID controller, refer to the documentation provided with the option for instructions.