CMM cannot ping the CMM in a different chassis

Use the information in this section to troubleshoot a CMM that cannot ping the CMM in a different chassis.

Complete the following steps until the problem is solved:
  1. Make sure that the Chassis Management Modules are powered on and the applicable ports are enabled.
    1. If the CMM is powered on and hung, reset the CMM.
    2. Make sure that the IMM, the management node, and the CMMs are all on the same subnet.
  2. Verify that the cables between the CMMs and the top-of-rack switch are correctly connected and that the activity LEDs are lit on the applicable ports.
  3. Make sure that the management node has a correct IP address and is on the same subnet as the CMMs.
  4. Make sure that the IMM in the compute node has acquired an IP address from the CMM by using the Setup utility on the node.
    Note: If the CMM recently lost connection to the DCHP server, you must reset the IMM by using the CMM interface so that a new IP address can be acquired.
  5. In the CMM user interface, click Chassis Management > Component IP Configuration and make sure that the IP address that is listed is the same as the IP address that is displayed in the Setup utility. If it is not the same IP address, configure the IMM network settings correctly or reset the IMM to automatically acquire a new IP address.
  6. Check the Lenovo Support Portal for any firmware updates that might apply to this problem. You can view the release notes for a firmware update to determine the issues that the update addresses.
  7. Check the Lenovo Support Portal for any service bulletins that are related to network connectivity.
  8. Remove the compute node from the chassis and check the connectors on the back of the node and on the chassis midplane for bent pins. If the pins are bent, contact Support.
  9. (Trained service technician only) Complete the following steps:
    1. Force the link/duplex speed.
    2. Check the connectors on the nodes and on the chassis midplane to make sure that no pins are bent.
    3. Replace the I/O expansion card in the management node.
    4. Replace the management node.