089-801-000 : CPU Stress Test Aborted

CPU Stress Test Aborted







Automatically Notify Support


User Response

Complete the following steps:
  1. Turn off and restart the system.
  2. Make sure that the DSA Diagnostic code is at the latest level.
  3. Run the test again.
  4. Check system firmware level and upgrade if necessary. The installed firmware level can be found in the DSA Diagnostic Event Log within the Firmware/VPD section for this component. The latest level firmware for this component can be found in reference to this system type at the IBM Support website: https://www.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/docdisplay?lndocid=MIGR-4JTS2T.
  5. Run the test again.
  6. If the system has stopped responding, turn off and restart the system and then run the test again.
  7. If failure remains, refer to "Troubleshooting by symptom" in the system "Installation and Service Guide" for the next corrective action.

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