Single node will not power on

Use the information in this section to troubleshoot a single-node that will not power on.


Complete the following steps until the problem is solved:
  1. Check the event log on the Chassis Management Module.
  2. Make sure that the CMM can recognize the compute node. Log in to the CMM user interface and verify that the compute node appears in the chassis view. If the CMM cannot recognize the compute node, remove the compute node and inspect the compute node and the back of the node bay to make sure there is no physical damage to the connectors.
  3. Make sure that the power management policy that is implemented on the CMM is sufficient to enable the compute node to power on.
    Note: For more information about setting the CMM power management policy, see ../
  4. Replace the system-board assembly.
    Note: Until you are able to replace the system-board assembly, you can attempt to power on the compute node from the CMM.