Important notes

Processor speed indicates the internal clock speed of the microprocessor; other factors also affect application performance.

CD or DVD drive speed is the variable read rate. Actual speeds vary and are often less than the possible maximum.

When referring to processor storage, real and virtual storage, or channel volume, KB stands for 1 024 bytes, MB stands for 1 048 576 bytes, and GB stands for 1 073 741 824 bytes.

When referring to hard disk drive capacity or communications volume, MB stands for 1 000 000 bytes, and GB stands for 1 000 000 000 bytes. Total user-accessible capacity can vary depending on operating environments.

Maximum internal hard disk drive capacities assume the replacement of any standard hard disk drives and population of all hard-disk-drive bays with the largest currently supported drives that are available from Lenovo.

Maximum memory might require replacement of the standard memory with an optional memory module.

Each solid-state memory cell has an intrinsic, finite number of write cycles that the cell can incur. Therefore, a solid-state device has a maximum number of write cycles that it can be subjected to, expressed as total bytes written (TBW). A device that has exceeded this limit might fail to respond to system-generated commands or might be incapable of being written to. Lenovo is not responsible for replacement of a device that has exceeded its maximum guaranteed number of program/erase cycles, as documented in the Official Published Specifications for the device.

Lenovo makes no representations or warranties with respect to non-Lenovo products. Support (if any) for the non-Lenovo products is provided by the third party, not Lenovo.

Some software might differ from its retail version (if available) and might not include user manuals or all program functionality.