Installing a power supply

The Flex System Carrier-Grade chassis comes with at least two power supplies already installed in the rear of the chassis. You can install up to four additional power supplies in the chassis for a total of six power supplies.

Note: The number of power supplies that you install is dependent on the chassis power load and selected chassis power policy.

To install a power supply, complete the following steps.

Graphic illustrating the installation of power supplies

  1. If you are adding a power supply, remove the filler from the power-supply bay in which you want to install the power supply (press the release tab, grasp the filler by the slot, and pull it out of the bay).
  2. Grasp the power-supply handle and slide the power supply into the bay until it locks in place.
  3. If you are installing a -48 to -60 V dc power supply, connect the earth ground cable to the power supply.
    1. Use a 10 mm nut driver to remove the hex nuts from the ground studs.
    2. Remove the lock washer and one of the flat washers from each ground stud.
    3. Push the ground lug onto the ground studs; then, place the flat washer, the lock washer, and the hex nut back on each ground stud.
    4. Use a 10 mm nut driver to tighten the hex nuts to 4.0 - 4.8 Newton-meters (35.4 - 42.5 inch-pounds).

    Illustration showing how to attach the ground cable
  4. Connect the power cord to the power supply:
    1. Loosen the strain-relief ties that are attached to the power-supply handle, but do not remove them.
    2. Align the power cord with the power-supply handle; then, secure the cord to the handle with the strain-relief ties.
      Illustration showing how to attach the power cord to the strain-relief ties
    3. Loop the power cord connector around and connect it to the power supply.
      Illustration showing how to remove excess cable
    4. Push the power cord back through the strain-relief ties to remove excess cable from the loop.