CMM input and output connectors

The Flex System Chassis Management Module provides one serial connector (mini-USB) and one Ethernet connector for remote management and one standard USB connector.

Graphic of the CMM with call outs for the input and output connectors.
Remote management and console (Ethernet) connector
The remote management and console connector (RJ-45) is the management network connector for all chassis components. This 10/100/1000 base T Ethernet connector is usually connected to the management network through a top-of-rack switch. During the initial setup of an optional management node, the system console is connected to the top-of-rack switch that is connected to this Ethernet port.
Serial-management connector
The serial-management connector (RS-232, mini-USB form factor) is used to connect the CMM to a management device, through a serial cable or serial management network, to manage the chassis. This connector provides local access for the CMM to the Serial over LAN (SOL) interface of any compute node. For example, you can connect a notebook computer to the serial-management connector and use a terminal emulator program to configure the IP addresses, user accounts, and other settings.
USB connector
This is a standard USB connector (future use).