Hardware pools

To add, change, and remove a hardware pool, complete the following steps.


  1. Select Hardware; then select Pools. The summary view shows information about the hardware pools. You can also select a line to view detailed information.
  2. Select an action from the following choices:
    • Add

      Select this choice to add a hardware pool. The hardware pools are bay based so you can add servers that are not yet present. You can expand a chassis to select the individual servers. You can also filter the chassis by IBM BladeCenter® or IBM Flex System® devices.

      The maximum number of bays depends on the chassis model. You can only define a port for a bay that has already been defined with a bay entry. Attempting to define a port for an undefined bay results in an error.

    • Edit

      Select this choice to edit the hardware pool.

    • Remove

      Select this choice to remove a hardware pool.