Address pools

To add, edit, or remove an address pool, complete the following steps.

About this task

Attention: Duplication of MAC addresses can cause serious issues with your network. Fibre Channel address duplication can lead to data corruption, if more than one server is attempting to access the same volume at the same time.

The following notes describe information that you must consider when you add, edit, or remove an address pool:


  1. Select Address Pools.
  2. Select Ethernet, Fibre Channel, or SAS. The summary view shows information about the address pools. You can also select a line to view detailed information. IFM comes with several predefined read-only parent pools. A parent pool can have multiple child pools but all addresses within them must be unique. Max Server Offset is the maximum width of any server associated with the pool. This is a 0 indexed value. For single-bay servers this value is 0.
  3. Select an action from the following choices:
    • Add

      Select this choice to add an address pool. You can select the default Ethernet ranges or create your own. When you create a new pool, the currently selected pool is used as the parent.

    • Edit

      Select this choice to edit the address pool.

    • Remove

      Select this choice to remove the selected address pool.