Parts listing - Chassis Management Module

Replaceable components are available for the Flex System Enterprise ChassisChassis Management Module.

Replaceable components are of four types:
  • Consumable part: Purchase and replacement of consumable parts (components, such as batteries and printer cartridges, that have depletable life) is your responsibility. If Lenovo acquires or installs a consumable part at your request, you will be charged for the service.
  • Field replaceable unit (FRU): FRUs must be installed only by a trained service technician, unless they are classified as customer replaceable units (CRUs).
    • Tier 1 customer replaceable unit (CRU): Replacement of Tier 1 CRUs is your responsibility. If Lenovo installs a Tier 1 CRU at your request, you will be charged for the installation.
    • Tier 2 customer replaceable unit: You may install a Tier 2 CRU yourself or request Lenovo to install it, at no additional charge, under the type of warranty service that is designated for your server.

For information about the terms of the warranty and getting service and assistance, see the Warranty Information document.

The replaceable components in the following table are Tier 1 CRUs.

Description CRU part number (Tier 1)
Flex System Chassis Management Module 68Y7032
Battery, 3.0 volt 33F8354