Configuring the CMM

You configure only the primary CMM. If a standby CMM is installed, it receives the configuration and status information automatically from the primary CMM.

If a CMM is a replacement for the only CMM in the Flex System Enterprise Chassis and you saved the configuration file before you replaced the CMM, you can apply the saved configuration file to the replacement CMM (see Restoring a saved CMM configuration for information).

When the Flex System Enterprise Chassis starts for the first time, the CMM automatically configures its remote management and console (Ethernet) connector (see Configuring the CMM for remote access for information) so that you can establish a management connection.

All CMMs are preconfigured with the same static IP address. You must have a unique static IP address for each CMM.

If you do not use DHCP, you can add only one CMM at a time to the network for discovery. Adding multiple CMMs to the network without a unique IP address assignment for each will result in IP address conflicts.

Use either of the following tools to configure the CMM:

Note: Some components such as CMMs, fan packs, fan mux cards, power supplies, and I/O modules for example, do not have a machine serial number. When a machine serial number is not available, the message Not Available is displayed in the command-line interface.