Monitoring multiple chassis

You can view multiple networked chassis from the CMM web interface. Use the Multi-Chassis Monitor page to view the state of all compute nodes and management nodes in multiple networked chassis from one location.

You can monitor the current state of installed compute nodes and management nodes in multiple chassis and discover recently connected ones on the Multi-Chassis Monitor page. The following illustration shows the Multi-Chassis Monitor page.

Graphic showing the Multi-Chassis Monitor page

The following table describes the options that are available from the Multi-Chassis monitor page.

Navigation bar option Description
Multi-Chassis Monitor The Multi-Chassis Monitor page contains a list of all chassis on the network. Chassis are found by using the Service Location Protocol (SLP). SLP must be enabled from the Network page for the remote chassis list to be populated. Click the Discover button to initiate an SLP discovery search for remote chassis. A manual discovery is always required to update the remote chassis list. There is no automated discovery option.

General information about the chassis is contained in a table on Multi-Chassis Monitor page. The information includes the management module name, status, web console IP address, and firmware information. Click CMM Name for a remote chassis for a more detailed view of the chassis properties. A remote chassis reports one of the following statuses:

  • Normal - All monitored parameters in the chassis are within normal their operating ranges.
  • Warning - There are currently active warnings or system events, but no critical events are active.
  • Critical - One or more critical events are currently active.