Saving a CMM configuration

Save the CMM configuration in case the CMM fails or the configuration file becomes corrupted. You can also use the saved CMM configuration file to apply configuration settings to CMMs located in other chassis.

Saving the configuration allows you to restore the saved settings if a CMM is replaced or if configuration information is corrupted or lost. You must save the CMM configuration before replacing a CMM or restoring a CMM to the manufacturing default configuration, if you intend to restore the configuration.

Use the following instructions to save a CMM configuration file through the CMM web interface.

  1. From the Mgt Module Management menu, click Configuration > Backup Configuration to File.
    Graphic illustrating Manage Configuration page, Backup Configuration to File option

  2. Enter a filename for the configuration backup file.
  3. Enter and confirm the Passphrase.
  4. Click Download Backup file.
  5. Enter the location where the backup file is to be saved; then click OK.
Note: You can also save the CMM configuration file through the CMM command-line interface. See write command for information.