User account policies

A CMM user account policy is a set of criteria that determine how CMM user account security, including passwords, is implemented.

User account policy conditions affect all users of the CMM. They help enforce the security policy that is chosen for the Flex System Enterprise Chassis environment (see Security policies for information).

The CMM offers two initial user account policy choices: Legacy and High. You can customize the default values of each of these choices to create a Custom user account policy for your Flex System Enterprise Chassis chassis environment.

Although you can change individual user account policy settings from the default values for each user account policy type, the security policy of the CMM might require that specific user account policy settings have secure values. For example, if you attempt to change the CMM security policy level from Legacy to Secure, the CMM might require that you change some user account policy settings to secure values before you can change the security policy to Secure. However, if you change the CMM security policy from Secure to Legacy but you do not manually modify any of the user account policy settings, some of these setting will retain their previous secure values.