Preparing site firewalls and proxies for the CMM call-home feature

You must configure your firewalls and proxy server to enable operation of the CMM call-home feature, if you have firewalls in your network.

The CMM must be able to access remote systems over the Internet to deliver call-home information. To enable this access, you must configure the firewalls and proxies in your network to allow access by the CMM.

Complete the following steps to configure the firewalls and proxies in your network:

  1. Identify the CMM ports that you will use for your systems-management configuration (see Table 1) and make sure that these ports are open.
    • In the CMM web interface, select the Port Assignments tab from the Mgt Module Management > Network page. Ensure that the ports you plan to use for your systems-management configuration are open. All fields and options are fully described in the CMM web interface online help.
    • In the CMM CLI, use the ports command (see ports command for information about command use).
  2. Make sure that a connection exists to the Internet address in Table 1 that is required by the CMM call-home feature.
    • IP addresses can change, so use the DNS name when possible.
    • If your CMM is configured for secure operation, the FTP port (port 21) will be disabled.
    Table 1. Required connections for the CMM call-home feature
    DNS name IP address Port(s) Protocol(s) IPv4:
    • 2620:0:6C0:1::1000
    • 2620:0:6C2:1::1000
    • 2620:0:6C4:1::1000
    443 (HTTPS)

    80 (default listener port)

    21 (FTP)

    22 (SFTP)

    https, ftps
    The following connections might not be required in all cases: 443 https 443 https 443 https,, 443

    80 (optional)

    https, http 443

    80 (optional)

    https, http
  3. If the CMM does not have direct Internet access with your network configuration, make sure that the selected proxy server is configured to use basic authentication.

Make sure that the following items in the CMM are configured to support call-home communication using your network: