Starting an SOL session

After you start a Telnet, serial, or SSH session to the Flex SystemCMM, you can start an SOL session to any individual compute node that supports SOL.

Note: Serial over LAN (SOL) must be enabled for both the Flex System Enterprise Chassis and the compute node before you can start an SOL session with the compute node. See sol command for information about setting up and enabling SOL.

Because you can start up to 20 separate Telnet, serial, or SSH sessions to the Flex SystemCMM, simultaneous SOL sessions can be active for each compute node in the Flex System Enterprise Chassis.

Start an SOL session by using the console command (see console command for information), from the command line, indicating the target compute node. For example, to start an SOL connection to the compute node in node bay 6, type
console -T system:blade[6]
Note: A node assembly that occupies more than one node bay is identified by the lowest bay number that it occupies.

After an SOL session is started, all commands are sent to the compute node that is specified by the console command until the SOL session is ended, regardless of the persistent command target that was in effect before the SOL session.

See sol command for information about configuring a compute node for SOL. See your operating-system documentation for information about SOL commands that you can enter by using the command-line interface.