fsmcm command

This command disables centralized user account management from the optional Flex System Manager management software, allowing use of local CMM user accounts.

If command syntax is not correctly entered, or if a command fails to run, an error message is returned. See Common errors for a list of error messages that apply to all commands or fsmcm command errors for a list of error messages that are specific to the fsmcm command.

Table 1. fsmcm (disable centralized account management) command.

The command table is a multi-row, four-column table where each row describes a CMM CLI command option: column one lists command function, column two provides a detailed command description, column three shows command-option syntax, and column four lists valid command targets.

Function What it does Command Target (see paths in Command targets)
Disable centralized user account management Disables centralized account management, allowing use of local CMM user accounts.
  • Centralized user account management is enabled by the optional Flex System Manager management software.
  • When centralized user account management is enabled by the optional Flex System Manager management software:
    • All CMM user accounts are disabled, except for the RECOVERY_ID account that unlocks the CMM and issues commands to configure the CMM LDAP client.
    • Users logged in to the CMM web interface and CLI are logged out when their user accounts are disabled.
  • When running the fsmcm -off command using the Flex System Manager management software created recovery account (RECOVERY_ID):
    • The CMM CLI session for the RECOVERY_ID user account terminates. You will need to use an existing CMM user account to access the CMM web interface or CLI, until centralized user management is restored.
    • The RECOVERY_ID user account is deleted.
    • Management of compute node IPMI and SNMPv3 user accounts by the CMM is disabled. This function can be enabled using the users -am enabled command (see users command).
  • See the Flex System Manager documentation for information about accessing the CMM after centralized user account management is enabled.
fsmcm -off
This command can only be run by users who have one or more of the following command authorities:
  • Supervisor
  • Chassis account management
See Commands and user authority for additional information.
Primary CMM:
  • mm[p]
  • mm[P]
  • mm[x]
  • where x is the primary CMM bay number.
Example: To disable centralized user account management when logged in using the RECOVERY_ID user account, while the Flex System Enterprise Chassis is set as the persistent command environment, at the system> prompt, type
fsmcm -off -T mm[p]

The following example shows the information that is returned when this command is entered:

system> fsmcm -off -T mm[p]
Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.
Note: The connection closes when running this command because it terminates the CLI session.